Robots à la James Bond
SmartBird dehors and SmartBird dedans and AirJelly and AirRay and AquaRay and AquaPenguin
Symbrion and Replicator projects
book: Permutation City
book: Prey
book: Rainbows end
Fab @ home
Rep Rap (a self-replicating 3D printer)
James King, speculative designer
Adaptive buildings
Future Venice - Protocells
Modular robotics @ University of Southern Denmark, Odense
Living bridges of Cherrapunji
Shweeb - cycling technology on monorail - float through the sky!
Google 10^100 research projects
I always said that women can do better things with a football than men!
here is the proof: Mélody Donchet
Belly dance or tango? Bozenka
my absolutely FABULOUS belly dance teacher Anna Kemper from SmallWorldBellyDance
my favourite Kizomba song Na Ri-Na by Denise
Kizomba dancing: social and professional
phantasic website about teaching philosophy and other stuff: DOCEO
Birkbeck College Technical Reports
Swiss Science Education (SWISE)
My brother Markus: Güggelikusi
The world-famous PhD Comics
The Swiss Association of Women Engineers (SVIN)
Forget Micro-schrott WORD, use LaTeX! here is help, MiKTeX and TeXnicCenter
Gumtree: ads for whatever you need in London
Transport for London Journey Planner